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The causes of dizziness

headacheAlthough the causes of dizziness are numerous, in general, this disease can be divided into two groups according to the symptoms they cause.

The causes of dizziness.

So dizziness, which are caused by damage to the vestibular nerve in the inner ear or temporal mandible joint (TMJ) are called peripheral. If you have any discharge from the ear or hearing loss, the best cure for vertigo in this case – is to consult a medical specialist ENT.

However, if you hear or feel pain and crackle when moving the lower jaw should be directed to the osteopath. Most likely, the reason lies in the TMJ (temporal mandible joint).

If dizziness is caused by a malfunction of the brain, then it is considered a central nervous system damage and you should see a neurologist, to find a cure for vertigo.

Noise and earache

боль в ушахThe painful symptoms that bring a lot of inconvenience and greatly reduces the quality of life. Obviously, if a person has an earache very strong, want to quickly address this problem, find out the cause of pain and eliminate “tinnitus”. Meanwhile, this phenomenon may be a symptom of a consistent number of diseases.

Why is there pain in the ear and tinnitus?

Therefore, the cause of noise and ear pain can be an earwax in the canal from the middle ear trauma impact of the “pinna”, the age-related changes in the cells of the eardrum, the presence of a foreign body, infection, damage to the inner ear by prolonged exposure to noise, etc. Read More


Головная боль80% of the population is aware of what a headache, throughout his life.

In addition, a third of these people suffer from headaches all the time. And this number grows every year.

The characteristics of the pain, makes many patients are not aware that the causes of headaches are hundreds of different factors.

This may include a head tension pain that is caused by abnormal intracranial pressure.

A post-traumatic headache, pain is caused by the influence of drugs have taken many different chemical substances, infections, etc.

For example, if you have discomfort in the ears and a headache, this may be due to dysfunction of the temporal mandible joint (TMJ).

At first glance, headache and TMJ are not too connected. However, practice shows that the recourse to the osteopath, often helps eliminate the cause of the headache.



ОстеопатияOsteopathy is a unique treatment method, where the main instrument used are the sensitive hands of a trained therapist.

Because of its softness, osteopathy is used to treat children in the first days of life, it is useful during pregnancy, and can be effective in any syndrome of physical pain, for these and more features differs radically from other methods work on the body. Read More

Neck pain. Blame have a teeth?

Боль в шееMost of us at least once in their life have complained of pain in the neck. Neck pain interferes with sleep quality and prevents us from developing our normal daily activities.

The onset of pain in the neck, for many people is associated with hypothermia (blow air or cold), heavy physical work, stress, low back pain, etc, and often, that is true.

Hypothermia can cause inflammation of the skeletal muscle of the neck structures, heavy loads cause muscular tension, degenerative intervertebral discs cause “radiculitis” (swelling and compression of the nerve roots), and the pain is transmitted in the neck. Read More

Causes of back pain

Боль в поясницеMost people in the world have experienced back pain at least once in their life. The causes of this type of pain may be varied: overvoltage, inflammatory processes and visceral problems are the most frequent causes. The causes of back pain are so numerous that it is unlikely that anyone will be able to name them all.

Sometimes, there is an understandable cause pain, but not always this pain’s mechanisms are so Claros. Most of these causes are divided into neurological, muscular and visceral.

All types of neuralgia are due to compression of the nerve roots extending into the spinal canal of the bone marrow of the spine.

This pain develops most often in osteochondrosis, when the outlet holes Spinal nerves are reduced in their lumen.

This is due to adhesions and chronic inflammatory processes as well as in scoliosis or spondylolisthesis, when compression is performed by mechanical factors. Read More

Causes of Shoulder Pain

Боль в плечеMany are familiar with the sensation of pain in the shoulders. The pain can ruin the mood, get us to stop working and worsening our quality of life. Shoulder pain is caused by a variety of conditions and diseases.

Only after an examination by a physician, neurologist or osteopath can accurately diagnose what is causing the pain in the shoulder.

Very often, shoulder pain is caused by osteoarthritis of the glenoid joint. Also this pain is often caused by osteochondrosis of the cervical and thoracic spine, inflammation of nerve roots, subluxation of the joint of the hand, and also by the physical overload rotator shoulder muscles.

There are times when the pain in your shoulder can cause major physical diseases. This pain long term specific areas can occur in myocardial infarction and esophagitis. Read More

Osteopathy in Stomatology

Остеопатия в стоматологииThe causes of jaw pain can be divided into primary and secondary.

The primary jaw pain is caused by some inflammatory processes in the jaw itself, while the secondary pain can be caused by problems and malfunctions in other parts of the body.

The primary Pain usually is labor camp dentists, maxillofacial surgeons, ENT doctors, and others.

For the treatment of secondary pain, you may require the services of specialists in other fields of medicine and osteopathy in particular. Read More

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