Charo Lopez

Beautician, Massage Therapist

Extensive experience in the spa

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Skin Studio
Skin Treatments: Cosmetic Christina, Novostrata

Body Treatments:

– Chocolate
– Algae
– Salt
– Clay, Rasshul etc.

So-QI bed


– Relaxing
– Sports
– Sports against striae
– Reflexology
– Anti-Cellulite
– Lymphatic drainage Vodder method
– Massage Bio-Restructuring

Pietro Di Mauro

Plastic surgeon

Plastic surgery is the medical specialty dealing surgical interventions aimed at eliminating defects and deformations of an organ, tissue or the surface of the human body.
The aesthetic or cosmetic surgery is performed in order to modify those body parts that are not satisfactory for the patient. In many cases, however, there are medical reasons (for example, reduction mammoplasty when orthopedic problems in the lumbar spine, or blepharoplasty in severe cases even prevent dermatochalasis view).

Here are some cosmetic surgery procedures:

• Abdominoplasty: reshaping and firming of the abdomen.

• Blepharoplasty: eyelid rejuvenation surgery, resection of skin and fat pockets.

• Circular Dermolipectomy or “body lift”: Re-contouring of the trunk.

• Gynecomastia Breast reduction in men.

• Breast implants or augmentation mammoplasty: surgery that using prostheses or implants (saline or silicone gel) the size and shape of the breasts is increased.

• Mamo deductive plasty.

• Mastopexy: its purpose is to reposition the breasts on its original site.

• Rhinoplasty: aims to improve the nose aesthetically.

• Otoplasty: Correction of congenital or acquired defects of the ears.

• Rhytidectomy (facelift) aims to rejuvenate the face in full by repositioning facial tissues.

• Liposculpture or Liposuction: the goal is to remove localized fat in different parts of the body or face; in order to improve how the patient’s body.

• Malar implant: surgery intended to correct the zygomatic hypoplasia by placing an implant specifically designed silicone.

• Implant mandibular angle: Surgery to give definition and / or volume mandibular angle.

• Chin: augmentation surgery or chin reduction to correct abnormalities in the projection of the lower third of the face.

• Vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation.